Why she’s Natural

Scrolling through Instagram, you notice the increased number of pictures of girls wearing out their
natural hair with “#TeamNatural” which just seems to complete the post. Then you start to wonder,
“When did this become a trend?” Or “When did fluffy wigs and butt-long braids become old fashioned?”
Anyway, you keep scrolling. You keep scrolling because its “bed time” and keeping up-to- date with the
world is, well, the pre-bed ritual. But, even on Snapchat, Facebook, and twitter you still see the
“#TeamNatural#HairGoals#Kinky&Proud#NaturalHairOnFleek” timelines and captions with a fro or
Bantu knot out pic at the bottom. And now you can’t just resist the urge to ask, “Why are people going
natural anyways?” The majority of black girls are natural because either they are trend chasers, curious
cats, morals.

1. The trend chasers: these are naturals who are natural simply because it is the new trend. And
when being natural ceases to reign, they cease to be naturals. These chicks are natural in
summer and something else in winter. You can call them the seasonal naturals. Their hair makes
them scientists as they perform a vast array of experiments on it. March, their hair dyed gold
and July it’s brown. They are always pissed off by curious and moral naturals because, unlike
them, the former and latter take their hair pretty serious –Maybe too serious. And guys who
treat their hair somewhat scared are also in this category.

2. Curious cats: are naturals because before their “natural hair journey,” they never knew what
having that kinky 4c textured hair felt like. Probably from a very young age, they’ve always had
their hair permed so the actual texture that springs out of their head seemed alien. Secretly,
however, they’ve always admired women who wore out their natural hair and tagged them as
their definition of courageous or dauntless. So after 5 years or more of chemically distorting
their hair, they finally take that bold step away from relaxers and texturizers to a new life of
kinks and curls.

3. Morals: these are naturals that are natural for all the right reasons. They are natural because
they would rather choose being real over looking pretty. They are natural because they are
appreciative of the beauty God’s adorned them with. They are natural because they know in
order to inspire women to embrace the uniqueness of black hair, it starts with them. They are
often labelled “rebels” by most non-naturals and even naturals alike because these people think
moral naturals are strongly against hiding the beauty of kinks and curls under a Brazilian weave,
or Peruvian wig, or even a perm. And Moral naturals are strongly against this but not in a
rebellious way.

The joy of being natural is indispensable, invaluable. Whether short or long term. And only those
who are natural will even understand the impossible task of taking a comb through those tight kinks
if it ain’t wide toothed and the long hours dedicated to installing a basic twist out. The important
factor of being natural, however, is not necessarily the priceless experience but the motive of being
natural. If it’s not a selfless one that can impact our society positively then you need to ask, “why am
I natural?” and if you are not natural, ask, “what am I waiting for?”


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