Top African Restaurants in Winnipeg to Order African Cuisine on SkipTheDishes

African Cuisines on SkipTheDishes

Ordering food from restaurants online can be an arduous task as the entire Marvel superhero suit in Avengers working out a maneuver to defeat Thanos, browsing fashion outlets for the perfect apparel to make a fashion statement, or picking out a movie to watch on Netflix. Still searching for a movie? Check out the new Jungle Book on Netflix :). Sometimes one would wish it was all as easy as keeping up with the grammys

SkipTheDishes has done a great job of housing almost every restaurant in Winnipeg (if not all) on their platform, allowing for the convenience of being a button click away from breakfast, lunch or supper. Thus, regardless of what you crave, be it African Cuisine, Italian, Canadian, East Indian, etc., there is a high probability that a restaurant on the network is ready to have your meal served on a hot platter. Shout out to the couriers who make the dream work.

So if you’re looking to put away that meat pie recipe, skip the dishes, or just eat (JustEat :)), well, on something African (bearing resemblance to an authentic African cuisine), here are the African restaurants you should be searching for once you land on the restaurant listings on the SkipTheDishes network:

Blue Nile Restaurant

The Blue Nile Restaurant located downtown on Sargent Ave (510 Sargent Ave #1), offers primarily Ethiopian delicacies. These consist of meat, veggies, chicken, beverages, etc. If you happen to pass through the physical location, you might as well try out the hookah lounge. Oh..! And you might want to check out the cool 124 Google reviews.


Ever wanted to try jollof, moin-moin or suya? Well, Atiga is ever ready to serve you these tasty delicacies. Like the Blue Nile, they offer lots of variety including beverages beloved by African immigrants. Located on Higgins Ave, (186 Higgins Ave), you sure wouldn’t want to miss out on what Atiga provides.


Kokeb also provides Ethiopian delicacy options to the masses and some actually consider it the best for anything Ethiopian. Well, that’s arguable. Regardless, they’re not short of options when it comes to meals. If you need a quick meal fix after a super boring class (esp. if in the University of Winnipeg), you can also take a stroll down 266 Edmonton Street and get yourself served.

Gojo Ethiopian Restaurant

The race to dominate the Ethiopian food service market heats up with Gojo restaurant also serving up primarily Ethiopian dishes. Like the Blue Nile, they’re also located on Sargent Avenue – 533 Sargent Ave. Meal options boast of varieties, but the Blue Nile seems to have more options.

Gohe Ethiopian Restaurant

Just when we thought we may be over with Ethiopian cuisine, one more pops up, Gohe Ethiopian restaurant. Some may say (or may have said) that nothing in the restaurant itself suggest anything African. Online however, the meal options say it all.  Gohe is located on 595 Notre Dame Ave.

One Stop African Restaurant

 Moving away from the Northern African delicacies, we have the newest kids on the block in the One Stop Africa Restaurant. Like Atiga, the meal varieties here primarily target the West of Africa, more closely Nigeria. Located on Ebby Avenue on Pembina (598A Ebby Avenue Pembina Highway @Ebby Intersection), the One Stop African Restaurant recently launched and happen to be one of the few African restuarants not located in the downtown region.

For the most part, most of the African cuisine are more Ethiopian focused, and less on the Western African side. Hopefully we see more African restaurants springing forth in Winnipeg offering African cuisine from Southern, Central and Eastern Africa. Till then, hope this was helpful.

In wrapping up, we have a special feature coming soon on our YouTube channel. It’s a mukbang! So be on the lookout for when we take a trip to try out the different meal options offered by these restaurants.

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