Out and About: A Hot Summer Day


It is a hot summer day, one of those days you wonder how you haven’t melted to a lava of sweat. One of those days you wonder how hell must feel like. You lay on your bed soaking up the non existent cool air coming from the vents of your old apartment building. You curse at the building or the caretaker as to why you pay rent if the air conditioning will never get fixed.

You decide a cold drink would be a good relief. You start thinking of recipes to whip up your grand heat buster. You agree that your recipe should be sold as a legit drink. You are already proud of your not mixed summer cocktail. There would be sugar on the rim of the glass. You had seen that earlier on instagram #foodie. You get to the refrigerator only to find out your roommate had emptied the ice tray the night before and had not filled it back. You curse at your roommate for being so insensitive or your bank account for not having enough money to finally live alone. Just then your phone rings, caller id says slaymama523. That’s your bestie. You pickup. She invites you to hangout, get some ice cream, all the things that make your stomach and mind happy. You agree. It’s a date. You also agree to wear matching styles… Yasss!!! nothing too clingy, you need that airflow *wink wink*. You step out the door, edges laid and all and see her looking like this after she clearly said to wear something casual.

You decide to go grab some heels because friends that slay together, stay together. So now you look something like this… much better.


You have dessert at your favorite dessert place. You are now a happy child. You pay for your order and on your way out you see a $10 bill on the floor. You look left, then right, then left again and proceed to cross over the ownership of the money. You run across the street because someone might have seen you.


Your bestie waits on the other side, she can hardly contain her laughter.


You smile at your good fortune. The universe must be apologizing for the heat. At the end of the day you are happy, slaymama is happy and the sun goes down. You work the night shift today, so you say your goodbyes and prepare for the freezing cold at work because the intent of public buildings is to convert said space into a meatlocker… literally. You really can’t get it all.


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