Kente: Fitting Kente into Western Formal Wear

Browse for men’s formal wear on Google images, and you will find diverse fashion and design styles. Pictures of men in eye-catching tuxedos, slim fit suits and flying ties, and a few others again, with suits, and bow ties. What is missing out in these pictures in this global village of a world, is a taste of African fashion. Let’s just call it the official term: cultural appropriation. In this article, we will see how the Kente cloth or fabric can be appropriated culturally, into western fashion. Now Kente does not make up the whole of African Fabrics, it’s just a piece that fits into the whole fabric puzzle.

 This Piece of Woven Threads

Kente is the royal and sacred cloth of the Akan groups of Ghana. Adorned by their mighty rulers in times of extreme importance, this cloth plays another important role in fashion today. Many years ago,  I doubt this trend could have been predicted. Then again, the world is one in constant change and evolution.

Time to Suit Up: Kente Time

No need to worry about where to get these items because we gotchu as always. The exact bow tie  and cumber-band used in this picture are very easy to strap on. But if you are the kind that likes to go by the letter in times of dressing up, there are some rules that you may want to check out on wearing bow ties. The pocket square was an art of creativity because we actually used a scarf. Well, with creativity and innovation, you can turn anything into the realities of your imaginations.

In terms of color combinations, you could do with a black shirt if you are not a fan of the white shirt and play around with your imagination and creative skills. Same for pants, you can do with what best catches your fancy. By the way, before I sign off, in the picture is our own Mr. Ige, the Fashion Architect. Check him out on his blog for some awesome design inspirations.

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