Kelewele in Review: Highlights of the Kelewele Event

What happens when young men and women of African descent come together to celebrate their history and culture? KELEWELE! Yes, you guessed right! The kelewele event rocked! You certainly cannot ask for more than this!

As promised and advertised, it was a night of fun, laughter and bliss. The goal of the Kelewele event was to celebrate the heroes of black history, and continue to connect Africans in Winnipeg, Canada to their roots; a constant reminder that Africans are Africans not because they were born in Africa, but because Africa was born in them.

The Games We Played

There were a variety of games at the Kelewele event. You may know them by a different depending on your country of origin but we’ll stick with the Ghanaian edition just because the name Kelewele has Ghanaian roots. So there was Ludo, Oware, Dame (Checkers), and Tic-Tac-Toe.

The Kelewele Event


The Food We Ate

Ever tried Kelewele? Ever tried Gambian styled chicken wings and potatoes? Ever tried Pasua? Ever tried puff-puff? Imagine all these together with an awesome presentation and bisap (aka sobolo, zobo) and Ethiopian punch to wash it down.

Other Activities and Entertainment

Beyond the games and food, there were some performances that did take us through the night. Spoken word poetry and story-telling by Tino and Tantenda, and a night of laughter thanks to the jokes from Akinola’s well of jokes. We can’t forget the paint station which brought the hidden creative abilities of all present, brave enough to embark on the challenge of replicating one Andrew Idemudia’s art pieces.

In a nutshell, this was fun! We look forward to many more events. Don’t forget to visit our instagram page for more images of the Kelewele event.

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