How to Wear a Dashiki in Winter

Do you have a dashiki? If yes, have you ever wondered how to wear this piece of colorful attire in the cold of winter like your other regular clothing? If you do not own one, have you been discouraged to purchase one because of the low temperatures that come with the blistering blizzards? They sure do sweep through the city without care. Did you know, that regardless of the season, a dashiki in summer is still a dashiki in winter? Well, sit back, relax, and enjoy this good read.

Once upon a time I was told that this thin fabric of a shirt with different patterns and of different colors could not be used for winter. More like, it was just an attire for the summer season where the bright colors of Africa amongst Africans were extraordinarily vibrant. Well, as the saying goes, don’t say it is not possible as it will shut down the workings of the brain. Instead, ask the question how can I make it work and you will be on course to a discovery. This may however not be a new discovery for some as they may have chanced upon the look-book of fashion ideas already.

How do I wear it?


  1. Get a thick turtle neck like I have in the picture or a thick sweater. That goes on first.
  2. Put on the dashiki of your color and choice. For me, I got the black-yellow color. You can still find other colors if that does not catch your fancy or work with your available clothing.

And voila, there you have it! You can still break the barriers of creativity and try out other combinations. The most important catch is that what can be worn in spring or summer or fall can definitely be worn in winter. All you need is good warmth layering. Check out the gallery below and find the inspiration to go all out. Image credits goes to Mr. Ige. Let us know how you did, questions are welcome.

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