Hit or Miss: Black bean chocolate bark

When I was younger people always told me If I ate more beans I would grow taller. Let’s just say that despite the many plates of beans (which wasnt a lot to be honest), I am nowhere near the average definition of tall. The result of this betrayal… I. DO. NOT. LIKE. BEANS. I recently decided to give beans another try. As a child all I had known was black-eyed beans and the occasional kidney beans, this time I decided to try out their 1st cousin once removed- black beans. For this relationship to work, it was dependent on its compatibility with other members of my life for example: Did it go well as another garnishing in my pot of fried rice? Did it go well as an addition to a pot of stew?. It passed all these tests and more. One of which is its compatibility with my good friend chocolate. I searched for how to incorporate these two and all I could find was black bean brownies and more brownies. So I decided to use it as a topping for my chocolate bark.


  • 1/2 black beans (not the beans in the can)
  • dark chocolate or white chocolate
  • 1 tsp of melted butter
  • salt (optional)
  • foil sheets
  • spatula


  • Soak the beans for a couple of hours or overnight as per the instructions on the pack
  • drain out water and place on kitchen napkins to dry out. Once dried, turn into a baking tray lined with foil sheets and add the tsp of melted butter.
  • Cook at 300-350 degrees in the oven for 45mins -1hr. the texture should be soft and chewy.
  • Set aside and allow to cool for 20-25mins.
  • break up your baking chocolate in separate plates. dark chocolate in one and milk chocolate in the other.
  • Put in the microwave for 90 seconds, stirring at each 30 second interval until completely melted.
  • Once melted, take out of microwave and pour unto foil sheet adding your beans as toppings. You can get creative yourself and add other things as your toppings from sea salt to nuts to raisins and other dried fruit.


PS: I decided to add some black-eyed beans because… nostalgia but I would be sticking to black beans only. Also, you can stop at step #4 and skip the chocolate if you are not as into chocolate as I am.

Let us know!! would you try this? have you tried it? What is the verdict… Hit or miss?

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