Guess who won Male Entrepreneur of the year?!!!

A few weeks ago, the CEO of Afriket (wink wink) – an online platform for the sale of African products won the African community award for male entrepreneur of the year. The African Community Awards (ACA) aims at “recognizing and celebrating youth talent, personal development and community involvement in Winnipeg”. This year all proceeds from the event went to supporting Siloam mission. Siloam mission helps raise awareness and funds to help the homeless and less fortunate particularly in the cold winter months.

The process was simple. Nominations were made on social media platforms, after which, a select panel of judges decided from the list of nominations received. We had the honor of meeting up with the CEO of Afriket, Lester Aidoo for a brief chat.

Lester, who defines himself as being industrious, said that winning the award has acted as a motivation to keep keeping on. For him, winning with a feeling of being recognized; like the efforts put in are seen and by people and appreciated. When asked, what habits have helped bring him to where he is today, he cited perseverance, hard work and smart work.
“A lot of times people talk about hard work, but you also need to work smart. Getting things done in the best possible way is also essential. That is smart work. Effectiveness and efficiency”.
We could not let him leave without dropping some advice for upcoming entrepreneurs and he had this to say;
“love what you do and have the end in mind. Never loose sight of the goal. FOCUS”.
Thank you so much Lester Aidoo, and congratulations on your award!! Keep your eyes glued for all the wonderful things coming up!!

Lester receiving award

Don’t forget to share your thoughts as well, what are some of the challenges facing young entrepreneurs today and what can be done to solve these problems? Let us know!! Comment below.

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