Getting Ready for Question Tag Season One

Remember basic mathematics, science, geography, spelling bee and oh, playing charades? Afriket is here with the all new Question Tag series! Question Tag promises to be the bomb, super fun and entertaining, as you see our cast answer questions within split seconds.

Question Tag Season 1 - Afriket

Excited already? Won’t be surprised if you’re already feeling like Alice.

For season one, there are four different categories you should be looking out for. These will all be the subject of different episodes. Categories are as follows:

  1. Quick Math
  2. Geography
  3. Science
  4. Charade

Our cast have been buzzing to show what they got and the crew couldn’t wait to record it all. You’ll see it all from every right answer, to flaws, to arguments and divisions. You’ll best be able to grade how well our cast performed but hey, don’t forget to grade yourself :). Till then, stay excited, stay tuned. We still coming soon!

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