French Toast

Now, who said you’ve got to head to Degree’s to have your ideal breakfast when you can make it right in your kitchen? Today, we’d be making another breakfast hero –French toast! Or eggy bread as my friend calls it (sadly).

Trust me, its supa dupa easy and can be made under 10 minutes.


 3-4 slices of bread

 1 cup of milk

 1 medium sized egg

 A pinch of salt

 Cinnamon (optional)

 Some oil (for frying)

Serving suggestion

 Syrup/ honey


1. Add milk into salted beaten egg, then half a teaspoon of cinnamon and blend using a fork until an even liquid is attained.

2. Lightly grease the pan with some oil and place on low-medium heat.

3. Pour the egg-milk mixture into a flat plate and soak both sides of a slice of bread.

4. Gently place soaked bread on the heated pan and let each side cook for a minute or two before take down.

5. Repeat process for the remaining slices

6. Drizzle some syrup/ honey on result and serve hot. Bon appetite!


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