For Foodies: 3 instagram accounts to follow

This one is for foodies in the building. If you are itching for something different to try out, an easier way around your favorite recipe. Relax we got you!! With summer half way gone and Canada day around the corner, here are 3 Instagram accounts you should follow… like yesterday. They serve up fresh ideas and do a good job of giving a step by step procedure on how to achieve various mouth watering delicacies. Wow your guests with these treats!! Thank us later *wink wink*.


We particularly love this savory take on the usually sweet classic – Puff puff. With a little tweak and a few more ingredients you get this savory option!!! Telandeworld just like the name implies, serves you recipes from around the world. From everyone’s favorite  small chop- puff puff to fried rice balls. Check them out!!



You know how we love sweet and spicy, plus add a pineapple as a make shift plate and we are sold. Hook. Line. and Sinker. This page offers a mix of not just African but also Caribbean recipes that is sure to pique your interest.



Yes, I know. The name sounds like this would only cater to Nigerians. Plus, it does not help that this post is trying to show how rice is made. Let’s not start the #jollofwars. But they got us at baked rice. If it is simple and straight to the point, sign me up!! Here is the link to the blog for a detailed recipe!!

Do not forget to check out our moin moin recipe right here, made with red lentils to cut out the fuss of peeling and washing beans!! We want to hear from you! Where do you go for your recipes? Share and comment below!!!


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