Feature Friday: This is Ghana!

Describing Ghana as a local is a bit tough because you tend to overlook a lot of things such as the “TRO-TRO” adventures. “TRO-TROS” are just minibusses with a conductor yelling on top of his or her voice the destinations of the trips. By the way everywhere is a bus stop. As one of the most peaceful countries on the African continent, the demeanor of the people of Ghana will let you end up calling everyone “CHARLIE” which just means, “my friend”.

South of the country is what I describe as tropical magic with loads of waterfalls, beautiful mountains and numerous National Parks to visit.

This is Ghana - Takoradi

The artsy and colorful look of everyone with the traditional clothing to the fashion sense of matching whatever you wear colorfully. Onward to the north where you can enjoy some Safari, be also sure to visit Paga to feed some crocodiles if that suits your fancy. Learn about some cultures and pick up a language maybe, and hey remember to dance “AGBAJA” to some local tunes.

Overall, it is the gateway to Africa and a fantastic destination to visit. May I add that for people who are looking to start a business, it is one of the safest places to bet recently and the Government may be a little shady but very open to investors. It has a low cost of living compared to other destinations and feel free to join the locals at the pub for a refined “PITO”, don’t be alarmed it’s just the local name for palm-wine. Oh yea, lastly be sure to eat like a local by trying our famous “FUFU” or get a shirt that says “MAKE FUFU, NOT WAR.”



Author: Albert Osei Tutu
Socially responsible international  business student. I buy for a dollar and I sell for two. Anti 9to5er, because some days I am more productive at 2am. I love selling (myself and products included), writing, reading and having fun whilst doing this.
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