Feature Friday: My Peculiarities

My Peculiarities


I don’t pageant with a pocket full of destiny
I am hallowed by all but the majority
I tire of wretches saying fantastic things
I started at the end with nowhere to begin
I wish to depart from loneliness and grief
I know I must shatter this worlds unbelief
My loyalties were never latex or paper thin
My mother is magic and my mentor: a machine
As a teacher, I become slowly unnecessary
My great power came with great responsibility
I am the still waters which run deep
From the depth of my heart, my mouth speaks
Because of my potential, I am not iffy
I am a young prodigy going on sixty
You are a broken record; I am record-breaking
I long to dance; I long to sing
I want to one day be crowned king
I shot high and missed, you shot low and hit

Ten times over I am redeemed, and indeed
These are the things peculiar to me
I believe in war for the sake of peace
I shall die on my feet and not live on my knees
I battle to death before surrendering objectivity
I hail from a nation brought to its knees
With the friends have, I don’t need enemies
My persona is black, white and artsy
I am ordained by divination and by prophesy
I shall always dream bigger than I live
I work to wonderment and play to win
I long to swim these seas and climb these trees
I am a purist and a visionary, the dying breeds
From my birth’s cradle, I had death to cheat
I am two parts a priest, three parts a beast
I shall mark my near days in glory and sin
I want a life of bliss and true loves first kiss
I wrote the chapters I longed to read
As a priest, I could scarcely please everybody
I am a follower who took the lead
I want her to say “it’s you I need,and indeed
These are the things peculiar to me

Yet, I want to live and to feel
Yet, I want some rest and to heal
Wishing fate gave better cards to deal
Wishing in all for something surreal
My only tools are fire and the wheel
Only I long to wake up from reality
I make my trade in profundities
I shall spend my last era writing hymns
Even those on my team are not in my league
By my deeds, I shall rewrite history
I whisper truths since men shout lesser things
My wisdom’s source is but whispers on the wind
You are shocked by facts but never deceit
My will thus far is weaker than my fist
My mind puzzles me beyond my wits
The life of the party is what I have never been
I cut ties with my daydreams but lost no sleep
I shall not forsake my ingenuity for your mediocrity
And I hoped we were like, but now I see
These things are peculiar to me!


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Layi Ajayi

An upcoming author with dedicated hands in local speaking engagements. His seven genres and seven titles culminate in two ongoing book series. The first is a literary series called, “One Laureate” and the second is a philosophical series called, “Elements of Excellence.” He is Nigerian by nationality. Layi is six feet and one-inch tall, and hopes to start seven independent businesses before he turns thirty! He is a proud Mormon Christian. Layi authors books exclusively in the commercial, meta-modern, and substantive germ. A University-level student of Philosophy and English. He lives in Manitoba, Canada and can be booked for broadcast interviews, panel discussions, and professional speeches at layi.ajayi@outlook.com

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