Falling into Winter: Winter is coming

falling into winter - Afriket

Remember the shiver sending motto of the House of Stark in the Game of Thrones? Yes, “Winter is Coming“! For that, you have to brace yourself; especially, Winnipeg’s winter.

Game of Thrones - Winter is Coming

Not too long ago, we moved past Winter, sprung into Spring, summed those up with summer, slid to fall, and now falling into winter. That spells out the words time for change and this change largely abounds to appearance, more so, fashion.

On one end of the spectrum, there are those who go with the gloom and adorn themselves with dull colored apparels. On the other end are those who try to either do a combination of dull and bright colored apparels, or just try to put color to the day with bright colored apparels.

For us, the rules are simple: if you could do it in the summer, you can do it in the winter. That is to say bright colors are not just for the summer. We once did a combination of dull and bright colors in our post “How to Wear a Dashiki in Winter”. Anyone who did see was amazed and excited with the combination. Nothing better than being commended :).

falling into winter

The coming days for sure, will come with its wind and cold. Heat and warmth will be out of sight, and a thing to desperately yearn for. Enjoy it all with family, friends and music. But do make sure that when the jacket falls off, the colors within will shine brighter than the gloom and dull of the day.

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