Disney’s The Lion King Official Teaser Trailer Released

Everything the light touches, is our kingdom…!

If it happened in the African Savannah, it definitely is African! Just last week, the Walt Disney Studios made waves with the release of the remake of the famed 1994 animated movie, The Lion King. What caught the attention of all, and what makes this different is the use of “real life characters” in this remake; call it the all-new live-action adaption.

For some Lion King  fans, the Lion King movie, scheduled to be released July 19, 2019, bears the signs of nostalgia. For some others, it will be the chance to see Mufasa die again  in 4k rendition or learn from the mistakes of the 1994 movie edition. The death of Mufasa is probably one of the most cinematic scenes that stands out and takes significant impact in the lives of kids, most especially, growing up to see this movie. As Rachel Paige puts it on Hello Giggles,

For many of us, it was the first time we had seen an impactful and powerful death on screen, made even worse by Simba’s simple and traumatic, “You gotta get up.”

For some other fans as well, it’s time to see what Simba’s uncle, Scar – well, not many folks have thought through that I’d imagine – will look like in 4k, and finally for some other fans, it’ll be a time to fully relieve the fantastic musicals the Lion King entertained all audiences with.

The Lion King - Mufasa and Scar face off.
The Lion King – Mufasa and Scar face off

Speaking of Musicals, if you haven’t ever seen the stage musical productions of the Lion King, you can check this one out from the 2018 Musical Gala Awards. There are many others.

The remake of this movie is star studded! There’s the Childish Gambino (Donald Glover) voice casting for Simba, Beyonce for Nala, Chiwetel Ejiofor for Scar, and one other amazing and hilarious character, Ed the Hyena, voice cast by Eric Andre just to mention a few.

It certainly is going to be a great movie, there’s a whole lot one can write about till the release. Let’s see what pops up our entertainment segment over the next few weeks. The fan cannot be curtailed, and neither can the comparisons.

But all in all, till then, how about we leave you in a state of Hakunah Matata :).

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