Feature Friday: The importance of Personal Branding

For people, branding is simply who we are, who we want to be and what people perceive us to be. Among your friends you probably can tell who is the most outgoing, the one with style, the most intelligent or reliable, and of course the slacker among the group. Whether it’s good or bad, we can not be all things to everyone. Has anyone asked you what you think about another person and you stood there with nothing to say? Well, it happens all the time, what they are really asking us, is that we tell them what the person is known for or to tell them a few things that make that person unique (their brand or what they associate with). Wonder why some people are known to be more hip whiles others are not? this comes from their values which is basically what they associate themselves with. People like to be associated with things they like, that’s why I like to be associated with Butch more than Sundance, not just for his cleverness but also his optimism (awesome movie btw). Next time you try to set your friends up for a date and they ask you “how’s he or she like”, you should have a better answer than trying to describe their financial situation or their physical appearance.


Brand and why we careThrough branding, customers form ideas and association with the usage of products and services of a company. When millennials buy a Nike shirt there is a feeling of reassurance that we just bought quality and longevity whiles the mention of Ed Hardy does not even ring a bell in most millennials ears (not that Ed Hardy is non-existent, just google it). Branding is when you think of skyping your loved ones when you are away from them, or saying “ok google” because you know that it is that smart friend that comes up with a smart answer when you are clueless. Two companies might be providing similar products or services but the way we feel being associated with them is never the same, my friend Binnie will buy makeup from Sephora whiles her twin Bonnie will buy hers from Mac, this is the power of branding.


ducks-brand and why we careThe way we do things shapes the way we get branded, which is good news because we are creators of ourselves as we invent ourselves every day. We are all unique and we are responsible for that uniqueness. The whole point of standing out and owning our unique self is that people will get to connect with us genuinely. Even if they do not agree with us, they will respect us for our uniqueness. People want to associate with people they respect, connect with, and also support things they truly believe in. So let us be relatable by feeling free to express ourselves, show confidence in being comfortable with the style and character that we create.

We should not sell ourselves short that we be content with whatever the internet or world conjures up. From today onwards, associate yourself with things you like or better yet find new associations. Also, we could go deeper by finding out why we like those things or make those associations (be more aware of yourself as a person). As Lao Tzu said, “knowing others is knowledge, knowing yourself is enlightenment.” We all have a brand whether we like it or not. It’s up to us to decide if the world decides who we are or we decide whom we want the world to see. I don’t know about you but I would rather tell you who I am and what I stand for than leave it up to you to decide. I truly believe that we as people invent ourselves.


Author: Albert Osei Tutu
Socially responsible international  business student. I buy for a dollar and I sell for two. Anti 9to5er, because some days I am more productive at 2am. I love selling (myself and products included), writing, reading and having fun whilst doing this.
Twitter & instagram:@kofipedla

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