Black Panther: Keeping up with the Wakandans

It has been over a month that the hit movie black panther made its way to the big screens and we have been out here keeping tabs on the trends.

  • From the people who have watched Black Panther for the 5th time and still act brand new


to the people who have not seen the movie yet..


  • From the fashionistas who went all out to the movies because (black power) AND!! if the stars can do it, we can too *wink wink*. Peep this blog post or this blog post for more stylespiration.


to the ones who could not care less because they came for Chadwick Bossman and Michael B. Jordan


  • From the #mbakuchallengers, this one is our favorite!!

To the Wakandan dancers, because you have to step out of the movies like a boss with your squad!!


There is a lot of well worth hype surrounding the movie, not only is it closely behind the avengers but also a complete first of it`s kind. It recently beat the Titanic in the U.S box office on the all time list of highest grossing movie, not taking into account inflation ofcourse. Amidst the noise however, we should not forget some very crucial messages were being passed like:

  1. The inherent struggle for identity and acceptance between Africans and African Americans. Hello Killmonger and King T’challa reference.
  2. The meaning of Vibranium and the need to strike a balance between its security and sharing it with the world. Vibranium can mean a lot of things from ancient beneficial agricultural practices to Africa’s vast natural resources ranging from crude oil to gold to even human beings.
  3. The need for stronger female representation not only in movies but also in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and beyond.

How do we keep the conversation going? How do we effectively share Africa with the world?

Wakanda Forever!


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