Afriket is Now Accepting Grocery Delivery Orders… Online!!

Are you a busy student, worker, parent?
Do you detest long line ups?
Do you hate finding parking or do you not drive at all?
Do you own a smartphone, laptop or any other electronic device connected to the internet?
Is grocery shopping on your to-do list?
Would you like the convenience of grocery shopping online (online grocery) and having it delivered to your door!!?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then this might just be for you!! Afriket presents online grocery shopping runs from your favorite stores. Pick from vendors like Arabelle’s bakery (makers of Lagos loaf) to Grocery Bazaar (for halal meats and more), and many others to come. How does it work you ask? It takes 5 easy steps

1. Get out your smartphone and go to
afriket grocery

2. Browse the items available in different stores
Afriket Grocery Center - how it works
3. Add to your cart
Afriket Grocery Center - how it works

4. Proceed to checkout and pay
Afriket Grocery Center - how it works

5. Wait for your delivery!!!
Afriket Grocery Center - how it works

And in 5 easy steps you would have successfully completed grocery shopping, hassle free!!! Please note that all deliveries are done on Saturday and orders must be placed before Friday!!! Hurry!!!

Plus!!!To celebrate Afriket’s first birthday and you, getting to the end of this post , We want to give all our wonderful customers a chance to win 2 months of free grocery deliveries!!
Afriket Guide to Free Delivery

More stores coming soon!! watch this space!!

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