A Wonderland Groove for a Relaxing Weekend

When this tune first hit me, it’s magic set me on a roller coaster course to continuously play this through and through – yes, it was set on repeat. If you have doubts, try listening :).

Music is an integral part of everyday life, and finding the right one for each moment helps pass the time. In this soothing Wonderland song by Efe Okara, a sense of calm is stimulated, and connects to perfection with the body, mind and soul.  The figurative use of words, i.e the metaphors, similes, etc, is simply fantastic (full lyrics here). It’s just right, that a song by title Wonderful is served hot by one with a wonderful voice. Truly epic!

Oh your love takes me to Wonderland
I will follow you right down the rabbit hole
Oh I come alive each time you hold my hand
There’s magic in your soul(2x)

Efe OkaraEfe Okara is of Nigerian origin. Born in Lagos but from the Delta state. With her guitar, she continues to perform wonders. Each strum on the chords, and the sound of her voice, fuse perfectly to form the many harmonies she’s produced.

Her music is available on Spotify, YouTube, Deezer and Soundcloud.

So if you feel like Alice in your lonely town, you feel so down you need a pick-me-up, or you’re an adventure to a different place and you’re filled with flames, it may be time for a ride to Wonderland. So don’t forget to pick up your ear phones, open up Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud or Deezer, and join the thousands grooving to this beautiful piece.

For Efe, the ultimate goal is to be timeless. With tunes as these, she’s definitely on the right course.

Image Source: TushMagazine.Com


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