A Michelle Like No Obama

When I first saw the beautiful image of the elegant Michelle Obama, former first-lady of the United States of America, descending the flight stairs of the dignified Air-Force 1 with her daughters, whiles adorning a fine print African skirt, I could only say that this is a Michelle like no Obama.

Michelle Obama

Google search images of Michelle and you will find other occasions of her in such unique apparel. Her sense of fashion and taste in fashion, is arguable unparalleled by many who have risen to such heights of prestige and occupied such positions of prominence; especially her exquisite taste in African designs. It’s no surprise that OkayAfrica highlighted how she excelled in style and gave exposure to several African designers. She was “spotted in Mimi Plange, Duro Olowu, Maki Oh, ASOS Africa, and Osei Duro pieces on many occasions” (okayafrica.com).

Michelle in a Duro Olowu Pret a Poundo

Michelle Obama: A Thing with Skirts

Notice how Michelle Obama styled the skirt with that blouse? You have the perfect opportunity to do same. If you are on a tight budget, worry not, we gotchu! Our Vicky Ankara skirt is designed in similar fashion. With it, you can either have a-like-Michelle dress up or choose the path of creativity. In other words, you are at will to do as you please. You are not restricted to one style.

I am certain that anyone who tries this out will want to do more. I have included here, a link to our Benni Skirt, Dalia Print Skirt and a dress I am sure Michelle Obama, will want you to have, and will also love to have: the Teal Cowrie Dress. You may want to get that belt she always puts on with styles as these.

As usual, kindly leave a comment on what your thoughts are and remember, “Today it feels good to be an African”.

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